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DIRTT Connext 2015

Connext 2015 filled with game-changing innovations for premanufactured construction.

August 5, 2015
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DIRTT's annual Chicago get-together for DIRTTbags, Distribution Partners and visitors called Connext was filled with next level design that was exciting and inspiring. DIRTT continues to push their innovations to the next level and Connext gives Pigott, as a partner, a chance to take a look at these innovations first hand. A large highlight of this year's show was the increased use of DIRTT in interior construction. This exciting expansion shows how far the DIRTT solution can push the limits. It was an intense, exhilarating week of pre-opening visits, tours, training sessions, speakers and networking and visitors packed Chicago's Green Learning Center. Pigott had team members present to be some of the first to know what is next in the world of construction. To see more of what DIRTT highlighted this year, visit dirtt.net.