DIRTT Launches Virtual Reality App

DIRTT Launches Virtual Reality App

Posted on: Nov 16, 2017

DIRTT Environmental Solutions is bringing the power of virtual reality to everyone through their ICE VR App.

Explore your space without boundaries. DIRTT has launched a virtual reality (VR) app that turns the design phase of a construction project into a portable and multi-user experience. When linked with an ICE software design file, an iPhone running ICEreality becomes a VR viewer into the connected file. Users without a connection to DIRTT’s ICE software can explore the app’s pre-loaded DIRTT timber frame demo file.

Icereality App 10

To learn more visit dirtt.net/ice-app. For the full experience with ICE software, contact Brandis Baldwin, your Pigott DIRTT Champion, and try it in person.

Icereality App 3
Icereality App 2 Preview