Combining a research-based approach, deep design expertise, and collaborations with industry thought leaders, we create solutions that enhance the learning experience.

Transform Your Campus. Get Transformative Results.

Higher education is in a constant state of change. As your vision and priorities evolve, your environments need to keep pace. With a human-centered design approach informed by ongoing research into effective spaces, we can help you transform your campus into inspiring, efficient places that achieve transformative results for people and your institution.

Exceed Student and Faculty Expectations

Create environments that measurably improve community and engagement. With insights from Herman Miller's research on place and its influence on student and faculty success as a guide, we help you outfit spaces that enhance today;s teaching methods and adapt to suit tomorrow's technology. The result is a dynamic campus that inspires students and faculty to do their best.

Spend Smartly on Place

Optimize your real estate with environments that are right-sized and fully aligned to improve teaching and learning. With our streamlined approach to designing, specifying, and integrating spaces - an approach that puts people first - you only invest in spaces that have exactly the right tools for student and faculty success.