Interior Construction

Axiom Consultants

Iowa City, IA


To create an open, user-friendly space for their employees that incorporated a professional, modern look and natural light to foster a feeling of community within.


Axiom Consultants' focus for their new space was on their employee wellbeing. They wanted to create a space that promoted a feeling of community that also maintained a professional look. Pigott and Axiom partnered to utilize Falkbuilt and a vast portfolio of products and services to accomplish Axiom’s unique needs by creating flexible group settings, conference areas, offices, and even a game room.

Falkbuilt solid walls, glass fronts, and doors were used to provide a functional yet modern design to the space. By incorporating glass fronts in each private office and conference room, we were able to foster transparency and create a collaborative environment for the team. The glass fronts also allow an abundance of natural light to flow through the space, adding an energizing boost to the interior workstation areas. We were able to utilize Falkskin on the solid walls to bring Axiom's unique brand to life throughout their entire space. Now, their brand identity shines brightly in every corner, creating a cohesive and impactful atmosphere.

The breakroom serves as a dual-purpose room for Axiom. The space is a retreat for the team to step away from their desks but can easily be transformed into a training room for large team gatherings. Herman Miller Everywhere Tables were used to allow the space to be reconfigured in minutes, depending on the team’s specific needs. The private offices and workstations utilize Herman Miller’s extensive portfolio and include Nevi height adjustable tables to allow for a tailored sitting or standing experience, Tu mobile storage for an easily adjustable design, and Mirra task chairs for ergonomic support.

Pigott’s comprehensive suite of services including space planning, furniture and Falkbuilt renderings, project management, and installation was vital in creating a continuous exceptional experience for Axiom Consultants. The successful partnership between Pigott and Axiom delivered a flexible, user-friendly space to encourage collaboration and well-being.

Featured Products:

  • Workstations and Private Office: Herman Miller Canvas, Nevi Height Adjustable Tables, Tu Storage, Mora Credenzas
  • Seating: Herman Miller Mirra Task Chairs, 9 to 5 Lily ChairsConference Rooms: Headway Tables, Everywhere Tables, SitOnIt Lumin Chairs
  • Falkbuilt Interior Construction solutions

Featured Services:

  • Budget Methodologies / Budget Development
  • Furniture Programming
  • Space Planning
  • Furniture Specification
  • Finish Selection
  • Furniture & Falkbuilt Renderings
  • Project Management
  • Delivery & Installation

Size: 10,421 Sq Ft

Photographer: Main Street Studio

“Falkbuilt was the primary driving force. We knew we wanted to use it but needed help in doing so. Pigott was incredibly helpful working on this as a design-build effort with our engineering team. They became our de facto architect and laid out actual furniture arrangements and Falkbuilt wall locations. They were timely and incredibly professional through all of it. ”
Axiom Consultants Rob Decker | Owner - Principal - Building Services Manager