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Pigott strives to be a steward of the environment through thoughtful design and project implementation.

Making environmentally conscious business decisions should be the easy choice for a design solution as well a great option for your company's bottom line. Through partnerships with MillerKnoll and Falkbuilt, Pigott is able to provide solutions that are not only functional but sustainable.

Reducing and reusing are principals put into place in all of our projects. By creating a thoughtful kit of parts, we are able to provide solutions that change with your company and allow for future growth and expansion which reduces the need for new materials and product. A truly sustainable solution will provide you with cost savings on materials, energy, disposal and time.

With numerous team members being LEED-certified, Pigott is able to ensure that the most environmentally conscious design decisions are being made for your company. This education gives you access to advanced knowledge in green building which offers you a healthy, sustainable and productive work environment.

We take great pride in partnering with industry leaders that have the same philosophy.

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