Why Go Ergonomic?

As we kick off 2020, let's take some time to focus on why comfort is so important in your work chair.

Herman Miller's lineup of high-performing, modern office chairs.
  1. An ergonomic chair provides long-term comfort for unpredictable periods of intense use and varied postures.
  2. Our bodies are strongest when standing, so all of Herman Miller's work chairs mimic that stance - elongated spine, chest open, and pelvis tilted slightly forward.
  3. Every part of Herman Miller's work chairs are designed to serve a specific healthful purpose.
  4. Even weight distribution reduces pressure and encourages movement, both of which are key to maintaining healthy circulation and focus.
  5. All of Herman Miller's chairs have been rigorously tested not to only meet industry standards, which test for common things, but meet their own "outside-of-industry standards" - because they know people use chairs for uncommon things.

Align Yourself

How you sit is just as important as what you sit in. Here's how to do it right. Watch video.