Inspiration Board

Vacation State of Mind

Whether you're looking to get away or just want a few relaxing days at home, our latest inspiration board was created to appeal to whatever vacay mode you're in.

June office inspiration board. Tropical, colorful, beach themed image collage. Colorful Herman Miller chairs.

With Summer in full swing, many of us are dreaming of time away with our friends and family. For some of us that means hitting the beach in search of the perfect lounge chair in the sun, while others prefer to recharge in the comforts of their own home. No matter where your desired vacation destination is located, our design team has "packed" our June Inspiration Boards full of furniture, accessories, textiles, and more to inspire your next design project. Whether you find yourself in the sand or your backyard this Summer, we are sure you will be daydreaming about these boards.

Vacation starts HERE.

Two inspiration boards. Summer office ideas collage boards. Bright and neutral color themes. Beach and house furniture pieces.