Buzz Creative

La Motte, IA

Buzz Creative, Pigott, Herman Miller Furniture, Conference Table, Caper Chair, DIRTT Walls, Open Office, Natural Light, Metaform Portfoliio

Buzz Creative Group is a full-service advertising agency that thrives on the collective brainstorming and collaboration of their small, but mighty team. The Buzz Companies tenet says it best, “We pursue the idea of fun very seriously because our clients count on us to stay competitive.” In the process of designing a new office space for their growing company, it was essential to Buzz that their philosophy and brand be reflected in the completed project. By partnering with Pigott, Buzz sought to plan for the successful working environment they already had, while also planning to best utilize their space for continued growth.

Buzz Creative’s office can be found in the heart of Iowa’s countryside in a space full of character - a barn. Given the open plan and high ceilings within the two-story barn, Buzz posed Pigott with the challenge to delineate space without the involvement of standard construction. Pigott had the perfect solution to meet that challenge head on. Our premanufactured architectural walls were installed in a matter of days, quickly and cleanly with no disruption to the base building necessary. These walls not only serve as a solution for physical privacy, but also provided visual connectivity by utilizing glass. An added benefit to these walls is the flexibility of the product as the walls can be moved and reconfigured as Buzz’s spacial needs change.

The design of the workplace is entirely employee-centric. Impromptu collaboration and small meetings are supported by Metaform, which also functions as a display for samples of their award-winning work. Layout Studio workstations are designed in a 120-degree benching layout, promoting teamwork and knowledge-sharing, and monitor arms and the Sayl task chair provide ergonomically sound solutions that boost productivity. To enhance the look and feel of the space, Pigott tailored the finishes of the office furniture to complement the Buzz brand and make it their own, with accents of yellow and bright white.

Pigott was thrilled to work with the Buzz Creative Group to strategically design a space for their needs that reflects their professional and energetic brand. From start to finish, the Pigott team was there to guide the process through to successful completion.