Interior Construction

Fredrikson & Byron

Des Moines, IA

2020 12 01 Fredrickson Byron Falk 69


Minneapolis-based law firm Fredrikson & Byron partnered with Pigott to help transition from a typical law office design to a modern and polished space, with areas to support client related activities and attract and recruit talent.


Falkbuilt glass fronts allowed natural light access to all areas of the space. Due to the nature of the law firm, confidentiality was at high importance. Digital Component Construction provided the acoustical and privacy need of the space. The large conference room has double framed pivot doors to support different functions and events. Speed of delivery was a crucial component of this project and with Falkbuilt’s four-week lead time we were able to help exceed installation expectations.

Featured Products:

Falkbuilt Kai Profile Walls

Single Framed Pivot Doors

Double Framed Pivot Doors