Large Midwest Company

Des Moines, IA


Through the utilization of Herman Miller’s Living Office principles, the Pigott team was able to create a space that meets the needs of a diverse work force with an emphasis on collaboration.

Based in the heart of Des Moines, this large Midwest company is a leader in their respective industry. This is possible through their ability to stay on top of workplace trends and create environments that support their employees. Pigott was posed with a number of key goals when designing a new pilot space such as minimizing storage and maximizing collaboration areas all within a small kit of parts that are easily modified to suit an ever-changing work environment.

Pigott, in collaboration with Herman Miller and Continental Office, set forth to not only change the workplace aesthetic but to change how people were working and collaborating through the use of Living Office concepts. Community zones with plenty of writeable space, integrated technology, and various seating options, delivered a highly approachable space for groups to get away from their desks and collaborate. High visibility areas with numerous seating options and various heights of tables allowed for multiple modes of work to be supported within these spaces.

Group areas were designed to accommodate the much needed enclosure necessary for meetings. Digital displays allow for remote participation and information sharing, making these rooms a much desired feature of the space. Noise levels can be contained within the space ensuring distraction from the rest of the office to be at a minimum. These group areas provide adequate space for free movement while providing seating that supports short duration work, relaxed work, and longer working sessions.

Although work stations became smaller, they became more functional utilizing sit-to-stand desks and monitor arms to support increased productivity. Privacy was addressed in this open office concept through the use of return panels and separating business units into hives, coves, and havens to allow for private conversation to take place.

None of these items could have been possible without the essential change management put in place by the team. Change management ensures that spaces are utilized to their full potential, making employees more productive and apt to embrace their new work environment. This space is highly desired within the campus and truly shows this large company’s dedication to creating spaces where their employees can reach their full potential.