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Pigott's Strategic Project Approach

Explore how Pigott utilizes the MillerKnoll Performance System (MKPS) to deliver a successful installation for Des Moines University's new campus.

MKPS at Des Moines University

The advantages of the Last Mile allowed us to execute a successful project for Des Moines University's new campus. By utilizing Last mile initiatives like kitting and pre-building products at our warehouse, we were able to meet the accelerated install time frame and complete the project with efficiency, flexibility, and reduced waste.

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What is MKPS?

MKPS is MillerKnoll's approach to lean manufacturing. The system, which was first developed in 1996 through a partnership between Herman Miller and Toyota, focuses on improving quality, reliability, lead times, and service by developing team members into skilled problem-solvers. The result is an efficient team dedicated to eliminating waste and human struggle throughout the organization, so customers get their orders complete, undamaged, and on-time.

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The Last Mile

Pigott has adopted MillerKnoll's lean process approach - the result is a streamlined delivery and installation process we call the Last Mile. Through the Last Mile process, we have safer and cleaner job sites, smaller crews, better orchestration with other trades, and consistent quality - all while spending an average of 30% less time on site.

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The Last Mile Advantage

• Flexibility in the face of change
• Predictable outcomes
• Consistent quality
• Faster progress
• Safer, cleaner job site
• Better orchestration with other trades

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