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Plymouth Connections "Work" at Pigott

Being a partner in our communities is a tenet that each of our offices live by and we are thrilled to continue this partnership with our Ingersoll neighbor, Plymouth Grounds.

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Plymouth Grounds is a Des Moines, not-for-profit coffee shop that works with intellectually disabled Des Moines-area youth to provide opportunities to practice academic, social and work skills that they have learned in the classroom and apply them to the real world. At Plymouth Grounds, these students work side-by-side with volunteers but at Pigott they are working side-by-side with our staff. We are thrilled to have Katie and Michael as a part of our Pigott team. 

Barista Coordinator at Plymouth, Melinda Collins, recently featured the partnership between Plymouth Grounds and Pigott in their newsletter;

"There are many boards, committees, and individuals working hard at Plymouth Church. But, when these groups work together and connect with our community, we can accomplish amazing things.

One day, an email arrived from a Plymouth member. She stated that her good friend, the HR Director from Pigott, was looking for a couple of baristas. Pigott, a company that designs and sells office furniture had completely remodeled their main Ingersoll store, and, in this space, was a beautiful, new kitchen/reception area.

This email was forwarded to the Plymouth Grounds barista coordinator – and communications began. After visiting Pigott, a new community relationship and Ingersoll connection started. Pigott was open and eager to “get to know” our Plymouth baristas, and the gifts they have to offer as potential employees.

Two baristas, Katie and Michael, were selected to apply for the barista/receptionist position. Katie was pleased to find out that Plymouth’s Clothing Closet could help her with interview clothes. Both Katie and Michael had positive interviews, and shared the experiences they had and what they learned working at Plymouth Grounds.

Pigott had difficulty deciding which applicant to hire, so they hired both. The Pigott owner, HR director, and stakeholders were committed to hiring a co-worker with a disability to be a part of their team – Katie and Michael appeared to be that perfect fit.
Everybody is learning - Everybody is benefitting - Everybody wins! Connections “Work”."

Everyone truly does benefit from this partnership and we couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of this partnership. Please join us for a cup of coffee the next time you are in the Ingersoll area.

For more information on Plymouth Grounds, click here.