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Herman Miller Elements Rally 2018

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The transition in workplace design continues to move towards a more varied floorplan, and the Herman Miller Elements portfolio was developed to respond to that shift in space planning. The Elements portfolio is comprised of a diverse selection of ancillary office and lounge furnishings including seating, tables, storage, accessories, and more—from Herman Miller's family of brands that were strategically selected to support this shift.

In November of 2018, Pigott’s very own Sales Support Specialist, Ashley Freiley, joined over 25 other dealerships from across the country at Herman Miller’s Design Yard in Michigan to rally around the portfolio and further our understanding of the capabilities that it brings our designers and partners in Iowa and South Dakota. Her time in Michigan was spent collaborating with other dealerships and diving deeper into Herman Miller’s family of brands and history of design.

“Herman Miller Elements is a unique collection of seven brands ranging from beautifully crafted case goods, to iconic upholstered goods, and a collection of accessories that complement settings. When selecting from the elements family, we are challenging you to think long-term because when you invest in our furniture, you are investing in your people.”
- Ashley Freiley, Sales Support Specialist, Pigott

A key insight that Ashley brought back to our team was an appreciation of the thoughtful curation involved in developing this portfolio of solutions. Each brand represented reflects Herman Miller’s own commitment to high design and quality solutions that withstand the test of time. Whether you are furnishing a lounge, library, or breakroom, the Elements portfolio can add that sense of variety you are looking for without compromising on quality.

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