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Get Powerful Insights to Transform Your Workplace

Organizations face a range of strategic issues every day, but many are finding that two are critical to long-term success.

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  1. How to make the most of real estate
  2. How to create a positive, productive work experience for their people

Addressing these requires quantitative and qualitative assessments of how your workplace operates and how your people work, but most organizations don’t have the technology to do so—or know where to begin.

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Live Platform—a robust, data-driven subscription service—gives organizations the insights and guidance they need to maximize employee experience and optimize real estate performance. With a suite of tools, including sensors to monitor space utilization and an app to encourage ergonomic behaviors, we’ll customize a Live Platform service to match your business’s needs. And when you partner with us to use Live Platform in your workplace, you get much more than data and consulting services. Other benefits include optimized real estate, improved unassigned work experiences, better room scheduling, and enhanced wellness for your people.

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