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Inspiration Board

Family, Football, and Furniture

With the holidays right around the corner, football season is in full swing. This November Inspiration Board ties together elements reminiscent of this time of year.


‘Tis the season for football watch parties and pregame tailgates! This Inspiration Board was designed with these fall gatherings in mind, and the usage of classic fall colors, dark finishes, and leather upholstery are a subtle nod to one of America’s most popular sports. Whether you watch the game from the stands or from the comfort of your own home, we hope you are surrounded by friends, family, and an abundance of game-day snacks.

Like the game of football, Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, a landmark of modern design, originated in the 1930’s, nearly 100 years ago. Both institutions have established lasting cultures built from comradery and tradition – cultures that continue to stand the test of time. We hope you enjoy this board inspired by the traditions and warmth of November.

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