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  • Sit-to-Stand Solutions Are Here to Stay

Sit-to-Stand Solutions Are Here to Stay

How can you ensure these solutions benefit both your people and your organization?

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Combined with good chairs, height-adjustable work surfaces provide 
the variety people need to sit well, stand well, and be well. Increasing movement throughout the day fosters health by promoting performance, well-being, 
and even happiness. 

At Pigott, we offer a complete portfolio of sit-to-stand solutions that can help you to balance the amount you sit and stand as well as the knowledge to help you create a more natural and desirable workplace.  To learn more click here.

"I cannot rave enough about my sit-to-stand desk.  I find it so energizing to be able to shift my posture throughout the day, especially when I adjust my desk based on the kind of work I am doing.  My desk has become a hot spot for impromptu meetings- it’s so easy to collaborate with 2-3 people in standing height and it keeps our conversations short and sweet."  

Megan Holland, Commercial Interiors Consultant, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C