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University of Iowa Health Care Support Services

Coralville, IA

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The University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics (UIHC) is a leader in the field of medical research,treatment and education. At the heart of this organization is a group of dedicated staff members that work in non-clinical, technical positions that make the hospital and clinics function properly, titled Health Care Support Services.

During a recent campus expansion, the group was able to consolidate staff to one new building, dedicated to their unique job functions. After visiting Herman Miller’s Design Yard and learning key Living Office principles, the architectural design team sought to create a space that allotted more room for collaboration while brightening the space and opening lines of communication. The 4 story new building was originally designed to fit 750 - 850 staff members but was quickly expanded to over 1150, leaving Pigott’s talented design team the task to maximize capacity while making the best use of the space for additional meeting and collaborative zones.

Herman Miller’s Canvas product was the basis of design for each workstation with low panel heights and updated finish selections. Each workstation includes a highly ergonomic height-adjustable table, monitor arm, keyboard tray, Logic Power Access and task light. Each workstation was outfitted with Herman Miller’s fully adjustable Mirra 2 chair allowing each employee to feel their best at their workstation. Additional storage, wardrobe cabinets and filing helps provide a refined, clean look. Private offices also utilize the flexibility of the Canvas product line. In conference areas, Setu chairs promote great posture and comfort during meetings. Herman Miller’s collection pieces can be found throughout the space in informal meeting areas and collaborative zones. These zones serve as expansion space while the office continues to grow, creating more flexibility as business needs

Aside from product, UIHC saw the value in utilizing Change Management Services from Herman Miller’s Performance Environments group. Providing open lines of communication to the staff and product users made the transition to the new space a smooth one. The Pigott staff provided a concierge move-in service on moving day, conducting various learning sessions with end users including facility tours, ergonomic and workstation tutorials. This allowed all team members to understand why the space was designed in the way it was and how to properly use the tools they were provided, while alleviating much of the stress involved with a changed environment.

In less than five months, the Support Services Department was ready to take on their new space. In a quick time-frame, Pigott was able to design, install, and deploy over 1150 workstations, conference, and collaborative solutions. The end result is a highly functioning space that serves as a strategic tool for many of UIHC’s key team members.