IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union

Moline, IL

Central atrium of IHMVCU showcasing the central staircase surrounded by modern furniture settings overlooking the Mississippi River.


IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union (IHMVCU) sought to create a corporate headquarters that supported staff collaboration and connection with the natural environment.


When partnering with Pigott for interior furnishings, employee comfort, engagement, and future growth were essential considerations. Highly ergonomic workstations, including sit-to-stand desks, allow staff to feel their best throughout the day. The Pigott Design Team worked to create a condensed kit of parts within Herman Miller’s Canvas Office Landscape workstation system. Utilizing as few parts and pieces as possible allows IHMVCU to more easily reconfigure department workstations into layouts that best fit each team’s unique needs. It also supports future growth through a minimized inventory and strategic integration of the components necessary to assemble one of three typical workstation layouts.

With connectivity to nature in mind, architect Leo A Daly designed IHMVCU’s facility from the outside in. Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, IHMVCU’s four story headquarters building features unparalleled views of the river. Workstations and contemplative spaces surround the perimeter of the building accompanied by floor to ceiling windows, providing each team member a view of the river and natural light. The facility is surrounded by various walking paths and exterior furnished settings to further support IHMVCU’s goal of a connection to nature.

A central staircase connects the first and second floors and serves as a means for additional team member interaction. Each landing is surrounded by a variety of settings for purposeful engagement, collaboration, and staff connection. Varying heights, postures, and privacy levels offer individuals and teams choice and variety in selecting settings that are most appropriate to the task at hand. Inviting finishes, fixtures, and furnishings, including fireplaces and kitchenettes, offers spaces for staff that provide the functionality necessary for work activities while offering the comfort of a residential-like atmosphere.

Featured Products:

Canvas Office Landscape Workstations, Renew Sit-to-Stand Desks, Flo Monitor Arms, Mini Logic Clamp Power Units, Eames Molded Plastic Chairs and Stools, Eames Tables, OFS Modello Guest Chairs and Stools, Heya Lounge Seating, Rowan Lounge Seating, Cinque Chairs, Keilhauer Tables, Coy and Oro Chairs.

Featured Services:

  • Interior design
  • Installation
  • Project management

Size: 90,000 sq. ft.

Architect: Leo A Daly

Contractor/Developer: Russell

Photographer: AJ Brown Imaging

“Pigott has done a great job from beginning to end. They were so professional and precise. Just the ease of business. From the contract to the clean up the Pigott team was very very cordial and where things needed to be fixed, you guys just got it done. It was a really great experience.”
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IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Allan Hosack | Chief Financial Officer